The sustainablity goals of the world's largest and leading companies

A initiative of Winston Eco-Strategies and Sustainserv Inc.


Pivot Goals is a project of Winston Eco-Strategies in partnership with Sustainserv, Inc. The project has researched, analyzed, and posted the sustainability (ESG) goals of the world's largest and leading companies since 2012. The project has also served as a companion database to Andrew Winston's most recent book, The Big Pivot, which focuses on goal setting in Chapter 6 (Set Big, Science Based Goals).
Andrew Winston has served as the project director and Jeff Gowdy has served as the project manager since the inception of the project. Graduate students from primarily Columbia and Vanderbilt MBA programs have conducted the research. Since partnering with Sustainserv in 2019, Sustainserv consultants now perform the research.
Andrew and Jeff have both written, presented, and spoken on the data from the Pivot Goals project for leading organizations, including Greenbiz, Sustainable Brands, United Nations Environment Programme, and Corporate Eco Forum.